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Hybrid Cloud BaaS without Compromise

Metallic BaaS Overview and Tech Demo

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Your data is the crown jewel of your organization, and keeping it protected in an increasingly hybrid environment presents challenges. We also know that each hybrid cloud journey is unique, and with rising risks from siloed data, the threat of ransomware, and compliance demands – stakes are higher than ever. That’s why the Metallic Hybrid Cloud BaaS portfolio offers unique flexibility, breadth of coverage, ultimate security, and bottom-line savings to ensure our customers’ data is protected today - and tomorrow.

In this recorded webinar we take a deeper dive into hybrid cloud data protection with Metallic BaaS and a firsthand look at our offerings for VMs and containers, databases, files and more. We’ll also cover answers to important questions like:

Why should you have a BaaS approach with hybrid cloud workloads? 

Why is storage flexibility imperative?

What protection options are available for on-premises, SaaS, and cloud-native data?

Learn about the latest additions to the portfolio, and more.

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Justin Lauer

Director, Technical Sales Strategy | Metallic

Eliza Mixon

Senior Director, Product Marketing & Messaging | Metallic