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On-Demand Webinar
Data Protection Redefined: 
Early Warning and Its Role in Cyber Response

Recovery alone is not enough.

Data is the crown jewel of today’s businesses and is the chief target of ransomware attacks. As new and advanced threat vectors emerge, it’s never been more important to consider robust tools that proactively insulate your organization from these risks. With the use of data-minded cyber deception, organizations of every size get modern ransomware protection for early warning - that spots and mitigates threats before data is impacted (and it’s time to recover).

Vice President of Metallic Security Services, Steve Preston, and Sr Product Marketing Manager, Zack Brigman, discuss: 

  • How ransomware is evolving and exploiting critical business data in new ways
  • What constitutes a true early warning system, and why minutes count
  • Cyber deception techniques that work, and why they’re essential to a proactive data protection strategy
  • How ThreatWise™ changes the game in ransomware detection

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Steve Preston

Vice President of Metallic Security Services 

Zack Brigman

Senior Product Marketing Manager