ESG First Look: Metallic® for Salesforce Data Protection

Benefits of Metallic Backup Salesforce:

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Comprehensive Coverage: protection for valuable Salesforce data including content, files, custom objects, profiles, metadata, hierarchical relationships, seed data, and more.

Data Protection: reliable, SaaS-based daily backups with set retention policies of all Salesforce data, and metadata, combined with easy record-level or full object restore from the secure cloud store repository

Management Visibility: strong visibility into backup policies, configurations, backup history, and data success rates to ensure recoverability

Get ESG's take on how Metallic Salesforce Backup delivers needed automation for data protection and recovery in an easy and scalable SaaS model.

Client Testimonials

But don't take our word for it ... hear from industry-experts on how Metallic gives the best of enterprise-grade protection for their organizations.

Kristen Smith

Manager of Technical Services & Support | Linamar

"Their support is responsive and reliable. The entire Commvault team always goes above and beyond every time, for every interaction."

Benjamin Roper

Enterprise Backup and Recovery Specialist | Parsons

"For me, [Metallic] works great and it does exactly what it says it does. I love having it."

Mark L.

IT Admin | Software Company

"Metallic for O365 is very easy to setup and maintain. It makes life easier for our busy team. It has been a set it and forget it solution. Metallic's support and success teams are receptive and helpful."

Brian L.

President | Small Business

"Once it's setup, it is easy to use. [I have] confidence that everything is there when I need a backup."

IT Manager | Contruction Company

"With Metallic, we now have robust, reliable backups. The wealth of information in a highly customizable dashboard/report format is incredible to have."

Marlo Alexander

System Administrator | Transportation Company

"This solution gives me full insight without having to use other products, metrics, or reporting tools."

John Gagliano

Aviation Attorney | Gagliano Law Offices

"In terms of the speed of backup, it operates seamlessly, so I'd rate it as excellent... with my daily use and workload, quite honestly I don't even notice when it backs up."

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